Facebook Live now rolling out to Android users in the U.S.

Facebook Live for Android

Streaming live video is a thing that many people like to do, and even more people like to watch, and Facebook is finally bringing that functionality to Android handsets.

It’s called Facebook Live, and it’s been available for iOS for a bit of time. Now though, Facebook has announced that it’s bringing Live to Android handsets in the United States. The company says that it will rollout to Android users in other countries at some point in the future, but there’s no word just yet on when that might be.

To get your live streaming on, just tap on the “What’s on your mind” option near the top of the News Feed, and then select the Live Video icon. Before you start streaming you’ll be able to type in a description of what you’ll be streaming, and then you’ll be able to select the audience that can see the live streaming video.

As you stream, you’ll be able to see how many people are watching, the names of family and friends that are tuned in, and reply to comments as they stream in in real-time. Once you stop live streaming the video will save automatically to your News Feed.

Do you plan on using Facebook Live?

[via Facebook Newsroom]

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