Adblock Fast for Samsung’s Internet browser returns to the Play Store following removal

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - QHD display and physical home button

Earlier this month, Samsung announced new APIs within its stock Internet browsing app that would allow for content- and ad-blocking.

Those APIs and Samsung’s new announcement also saw a launch partner from Rocketship Apps and the company’s Adblock Fast app. However, two days after the initial announcement, Google pulled Adblock Fast from the Play Store, citing a violation of section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement, which reads:

“4.4 Prohibited Actions. You agree that you will not engage in any activity with the Store, including the development or distribution of Products, that interferes with, disrupts, damages, or accesses in an unauthorized manner the devices, servers, networks, or other properties or services of any third party including, but not limited to, Android users, Google or any mobile network operator. You may not use customer information obtained from the Store to sell or distribute Products outside of the Store.”

The confusion in Adblock Fast’s removal stemmed from several different places, including the fact that there were other ad-blocking apps within the Play Store that used Samsung’s official API — and weren’t pulled. So, as was expected, Rocketship Apps appealed Google’s decision. As a result of that appeal, Google has accepted and re-released Adblock Fast into the Play Store, where it is now available again.

The app has been updated, too, now up to version 1.1.0, where it now supports Android 4.0-based devices as well.

An interesting situation, to say the least, but for anyone that was a fan of the app, at least it’s now back in the Play Store.

[via Rocketship Apps]

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