LG sends out invites for its ‘Play Begins’ event at MWC 2016

Play Begins from LG at MWC 2016

LG has started sending out invites for a new device that it will be unveiling at the Mobile World Congress next month. The accompanying image from the invite carries the tagline ‘Play Begins’ which does not reveal much — if anything at all — about what device the company plans on unveiling.

LG’s conference at MWC is scheduled to be held on Feb. 21 from 14:00 hours.

LG has usually launched its flagship G-series smartphone around April or May, though it might be possible that the company will unveil the G4’s successor at MWC this year. Leaks have indicated that the G5 will come with a smaller 5.3-inch Quad HD IPS display, 3GB RAM, a Snapdragon 820 chipset, and 32GB of internal storage. Leaks have indicated that the handset will also come with a ‘Magic Slot’ that will be used to connect a wide variety of accessories and hardware to the handset.

With the smartphone market saturating and LG now launching another high-end flagship phone in the second half of the year under its ‘V’ lineup, it does make sense for LG to launch the G5 at MWC where Samsung and HTC will also presumably show their flagship devices for 2016.