HTC Vive Pre is the company’s second generation VR headset with a built-in camera and redesigned controllers

HTC Vive Pre

At CES 2016 today, HTC announced the second iteration of its Vive VR system: the Vive Pre. The second generation VR headset from HTC comes with a refreshed design that makes it more comfortable to wear and provides an even more immersive experience. 

The updated strap design of the headset leads to the whole VR system being more stable when worn. The improved visual system, which now features brighter displays, provides an increased image clarity and a deeper immersive experience. To make wearing it more comfortable for longer hours, the headset is now lighter and less bulky than before. It also features interchangeable foam inserts and nose gaskets that make the Vive Pre suitable for a variety of facial glasses and eyeglasses.

The Vive Pre also boasts a front facing camera that makes it possible for the headset to blend physical elements with virtual reality. Lastly, HTC has also revamped the controllers that now feature improved ergonomics, softer edges, textured buttons and grip pads. It now also features haptic feedback and comes with built-in lithium batteries that can be charged through microUSB.

The HTC Vive will be the first VR headset to support SteamVR. HTC and Valve have also worked with thousands of developers and companies from a range of sectors, and over 15 such partners will be showcasing their VR applications on the Vive Pre at the CES 2016 floor in Las Vegas. Some notable partners of HTC Vive include Audi and Dassault Systemes.

HTC will be making an additional 7,000 units of the Vive Pre available to developers, with the commercial launch of the headset scheduled for April 2016.

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