Android has generated $31 billion in revenue and $22 billion in profits for Google

A lawyer from Oracle Corp. during the company’s ongoing battle in court on the use of Java in Android by Google has revealed that the OS generated around $31 billion in revenue and $22 billion in profit for Google. 

Google was quick to ask the court to take down this “extremely sensitive information” that was revealed through a series of documents that were marked for “Attorney’s Eyes Only.” Additionally, Google said in its filing that it does not “allocate revenues or profits to Android separate and apart from Google’s general business.”

Android makes money in two ways for Google: one via ads that are shown inside apps and Play Store search results, and from the sale of apps and games.

This is the first time that it has been revealed how much Google actually makes from Android. Now, while these numbers have not been confirmed and the chances of them being confirmed are almost nil, it does give us an idea of how little money Google has actually made from Android over all these years, which is used by hundreds of OEMs and runs on more than a billion devices out there.

[Via Bloomberg]