Amazon looking to partner with smartphone OEMs for a ‘factory level’ integration

Not to be deterred by the massive failure of the Fire Phone, Amazon is looking to once again enter the smartphone market by partnering with existing smartphone OEMs. According to The Information, Amazon is looking to partner with OEMs and integrate its services deeply into their handsets.

Apparently, this integration will go deeper than just preloading apps, with Amazon’s discussion with phone brands going right down to the “factory level” for an extremely deep and tight integration. By forming partnerships and preloading its apps and services, Amazon aims to benefit from the popularity of Android.

The report claims that “in essence, the retailer would like its partners’ phones to resemble Amazon’s line of Kindle Fire tablets that it builds on its own.” The devices will be full of Amazon services and apps and users will be encouraged to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Perhaps like the Fire Phone, such devices will allow users to scan the barcode of a product that they come across to bring up its Amazon listing and then directly add it to their cart. Whatever the case might be, here’s hoping that Amazon meets with more success this time around than it did with the Fire Phone.

[Via The Information]