Dongjin Koh appointed as Samsung’s new president of mobile communication business

Samsung today announced a new president for its mobile communication business: Dongjin Koh. Mr. Koh was previously the head  of mobile research and development at the Korean company and has played a key role in the development of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5.

He will be taking over the role of J.K. Shin, who will continue to be associated with Samsung’s mobile business as its head. However, instead of taking day-to-day decisions, Mr. Shin will now focus on the long-term strategies of the company. He will also focus on expanding the mobile business to areas where there is more growth opportunity.

Samsung Group, in its annual personnel appointments announcement, said Dongjin Koh will take over as president of the mobile communications business from J.K. Shin, who will remain head of the overall mobile division for Samsung and focus on long-term strategy and developing new growth businesses.

Despite coming up with some impressive high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S6 edge and the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung’s smartphone sales have tumbled this year. Its profit margins have also continued to shrink, which has put more pressure on it. Additionally, with the smartphone market all set to saturate in the next two years, Samsung now needs to look beyond smartphones to further fuel its growth.

[Via Reuters]