‘Best of 2015’ lists go live on Google Play

'Best of 2015' lists go live on the Google Play Store

We’re almost a month away from bidding goodbye to a rather eventful year, but Google has already started highlighting the best apps, games, music, TV shows and more from 2015 on Google Play. There’s a dedicated “Best of” list for each category on the store, both on the mobile app and the web version. 

The best games list gets the top place and includes titles like Angry Birds 2, Criminal Case, Clash of Clans, Need for Speed No Limits, and Crossy Road. Ever-popular apps like SwiftKey and MX Player made it to the list of best apps, and so did apps like HBO NOW, Skype and Google Photos. Interstellar comes among the top movies that were popular this year, in addition to movies like American Sniper and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones made it to the best TV shows list, and so did the popular The Walking Dead.

The top titles in each category are based on region as one would expect, though many of them should be similar in most countries. Check them all out through your Android phone or tablet or open Google Play on the web.