YouTube Music is now available, aims to change the music listening experience

YouTube Music Android app

Google has been busy with YouTube recently, beginning with YouTube Red for ad-free streaming, and now an even bigger focus on music.

Google has officially launched YouTube Music to the masses, both on iOS and Android, and the company says that it will usher in a “completely new type of experience” for those that want to enjoy music. The company says that with the new YouTube Music app, discovering music will be easier than ever, and points out that falling down a rabbit hole of awesome music from one video to another is easy than ever before, too.

There’s a new Home tab, too, which Google says will be used to recommend tracks just for you, which is more than likely based on past listening habits. The new tab will also create personalized stations based on your tastes, which means it should be just as easy to nestle into familiar sounds as it is to discover new ones.

On top of that, YouTube Music will obviously grant access to millions of tracks and videos from a wide variety of artists all over the world, but it will also showcase all the remixes, covers, concert footage, and lyric videos as well.

Google does point out that if you want to use YouTube Music with ad-free listening, or even offline listening, you’ll need to upgrade to YouTube Red, the $9.99 per month subscription that opens up those possibilities and features. With YouTube Red you’ll also be able to switch between video and/or audio-only, depending on your tastes in the moment.

YouTube Music is a free download, and Google says there’s a 14-day free trial in place as well. You can download the app below.


  • YouTube Music — Free

[via Google]