OnePlus offering refund for its under-spec’d USB Type-C cable and adapter to customers


OnePlus was among the first OEMs in the market to offer a USB Type-C cable for a mere $4.99. Due to the lack of USB Type-C cables from other renowned accessory makers, many customers ended up buying the cable from OnePlus for their devices.

However, to their horror, a Google engineer earlier this month revealed that the USB Type-C cable from OnePlus does not adhere to the USB Type-C 1.1 port standard. Due to this, phones like the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X will not be able to take advantage of the higher power that can be delivered over the standard and thus charge themselves quickly.

Today, OnePlus co-founder has explained in detail why the OnePlus Type-C USB cable and adapter does not work properly with other devices that have a Type-C port. The issue basically stems from the OnePlus’ USB Type-C cable having a 10kΩ resistor, instead of the required 56kΩ resistor. This limits the cable’s ability to carry a maximum of 2A of power, when USB Type-C 1.1 is capable of carrying up to 3A of power.

Putting aside the technical details, if you feel cheated by OnePlus selling you a non-compliant USB Type-C cable, don’t be. The company is now offering refunds to all customers who purchased the cable through it.

Keep in mind that OnePlus is only refunding money to customers who purchased the cable separately from them. It is not offering any kind of refund for the USB Type-C cable that it bundles with the OnePlus 2. The young company also reassures that its supplied cable is completely suitable for the OnePlus 2 and does not pose any compatibility issues when used with it.

OnePlus could have simply told buyers of its faulty USB Type-C cable to use it with the OnePlus 2. However, the company is going the extra step and refunding the money to all affected customers, which will definitely help in improving its already tarnished image.

In the end, OnePlus also reassures that its engineers are already working on a newer version of USB Type-C cable that is compatible with the latest Type-C standard.

If you live in Europe or North America, visit this link to claim your refund from OnePlus for the faulty USB Type-C cable.

[Via OnePlus]