LG partners with credit card companies to announce LG Pay

LG Pay announcement

Mobile payments are all the rage these days, along with wearables, so it’s probably not surprising that LG wants to get in on the fun, too.

By way of its official Facebook page, the Life’s Good company has officially announced LG Pay, the company’s forthcoming attempt at shaking up the mobile payments market. LG is entering an already busy segment, one that includes Google with Android Pay, Samsung with its own Pay-branded option, and Apple with, you guessed it, Apple Pay.

As far as details go, the announcement only confirms that LG will be partnering with Korean credit card companies Shinhan Card and KB Kookmin Card to “prepare for the launch of LG Pay.” What that means, specifically, is not known at this moment, but it’s likely that these two entities will be helping LG in a big way as the company launches its mobile payments service.

A launch date has not been announced just yet, but it probably won’t be long before LG has more to announce.

How often do you pay for things with your phone?

[via LG Facebook]