Google looking to co-develop processors for future Android devices

MediaTek Chip

A new report from The Information suggests that Google is interested in developing its own microprocessors and chips to help bring in more uniformity in the Android ecosystem.

The big G had held discussions this fall with other chip vendors that it was interested in co-developing processors, though the name of these chip vendors remain unknown.

Apple designs its own A-series of chipsets for the iPhone and iPad. Beside being a powerhouse, the chips have also been designed with iOS in mind which leads to them offering better better performance while consuming very little power. It also allows Apple to support its devices for a longer amount of time.

In the Android world, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung are the biggest chip vendors. While Qualcomm’s chips are found in majority of the Android devices out there, MediaTek chips have found a place inside low-end phones, especially those from Chinese OEMs. Samsung usually reserves its Exynos chipsets for its devices, though Meizu also ends up using them in its flagship devices. However, none of the chips from these companies have been designed specifically keeping Android in mind.

MediaTek is notorious for not documenting its chipsets properly and supporting them for a long time. While Qualcomm supports its chipsets for a reasonable amount of time, its mid-range chips feature a very slow GPU. If Google ends up co-developing its own chipset, it would be better able to set guidelines that other Android OEMs and chip makers will have to follow.

[Via The Information]