Facebook’s notification tab is getting more personalized

Facebook new notifications tab

Facebook is always listening to feedback when it comes to its users, and as a result of that it’s tuning up the personalization and customization options for its notifications tab.

On Monday, October 26, Facebook announced a new notifications tab that it’s calling an “expanded, personalized” offering. It’s not simply just another notifications tab. Instead, users will be able to also add “timely info” to the tab, which includes family and friends’ birthdays or other life events, upcoming events that you’ve signed up for, and even get entertainment information from Pages that a user has liked.

Enabling Location History within the app will also allow for the new notifications tab to pony up a variety of information based on your area:

  • Things happening around your community, like local events and news that is popular in the city you live in
  • Weather updates, like current conditions and severe weather alerts
  • Movies playing in theaters near you
  • A list of nearby places to eat, with links to the places’ Facebook Pages and reviews
  • Facebook does note that a user’s current notifications settings won’t change, and this new personalized option will simply be able to be customized even further to what the user wants to be notified about.

    The social network says that the update will be rolling out to the Android app soon, but doesn’t give a finalized date of arrival.

    [via Facebook]