TAG Heuer will unveil its $1800 Android smartwatch on November

Tag Heuer logo

Back in March of this year, TAG Heuer confirmed that it was finally making a smartwatch, and it would be getting help from Google and Intel in the process.

Soon after, a report surfaced that suggested the upcoming TAG Heuer smart luxury timepiece would launch later in 2015, and that it would come with a price tag of $1,400. Apparently that initial report was on the low-end, however, as the CEO of TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biven has confirmed to CNBC that the upcoming Android-powered smartwatch is actually going to retail for $1,800.

It is still expected to launch later this year. Biven said that it will unveil the watch, and show it off to the world, on November 9.

Now closer to $2,000, the TAG Heuer smartwatch is going to be an interesting device to weigh against every other smartwatch on the market, especially to other Android Wear-based devices. The expectations for the manufacturer are high, of course, so it will be interesting to see what the old-school company can create when they’re focusing on manufacturing a smart wearable.

[via CNBC]