Microsoft’s Cortana will be heavily integrated into the next version of Cyanogen OS


Cyanogen Inc.’s CEO, Kirk McMaster, has revealed to IB Times that their team is working with Microsoft to deeply integrate Cortana into the next version of Cyanogen OS.

Microsoft had entered into a strategic partnership with Cyanogen Inc. back in April this year. Coratana is Microsoft’s own digital personal assistant that is available across all its new products and services, including Windows 10, upcoming Windows 10 Phone, and Xbox. The company also has plans to bring Cortana to Android and iOS, with the first beta of the digital assistant making its way to Android last month.

“Natural language coupled with intelligence is very important but as an application it doesn’t rally work because you need to be embedded into the framework of the OS because that is where you get all the signal from the services that makes that intelligence smarter,” explained McMaster.

McMaster things that Cortana is better than Apple’s Siri and is even ahead of Google Now in certain aspects. He further adds that integrating Cortana into Cyanogen OS will make a real difference, as the app in its standalone form is quite limited in what it can do.

It is likely that we will see the first results of Cortana integration into Cyanogen OS when the company will release Cyanogen OS 13, which will be based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow later this year or early next year.

[Via IB Times]