Facebook adds support for 360-degree videos in News Feed on the web and Android

Facebook today announced that it is adding support for 360-degree videos in its News Feed on web and Android. 

As its name suggests, 360-degree video basically allows you to view a video from any angle you want. These videos are shot using a special camera that simultaneously record the 360-degree view of a scene.

When you come across a 360-degree video in your News Feed while your on PC, you will be able to decide the angle at which you want to see the video from by dragging your mouse around. On your Android device, you will be able to chose an angle of your choice using your finger or you can just tilt the phone to landscape mode where the video will automatically follow your device movements.

Facebook says that a number of publishers will start posting 360-degree videos from today, including Discovery, GoPro, and VICE. And for all Star Wars fan out there, Disney and LucasFilm will be releasing an exclusive footage of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie later today ad well.

For now, 360-degree videos are supported by Facebook on web and on Android. Support in the iOS app will be added in the coming months.

If you have not already, do check out some 360-degree videos on your Android device, since the experience is likely going to blow you away.

[Via Facebook]