Nextbit to unveil its first smartphone on September 1

Remember Nextbit? A small company started by a bunch of ex-Googler’s and former executives of HTC? Since its inception sometime last year, Nextbit had only announced one product: the Nextbit Baton. 

The low-level system framework bought Continuity like feature to Android along with cloud backup and sync of app data across devices. Well, the company has had a change of heart and focus, and will now be releasing its first smartphone on September 1.

In an interview with CNET, Tom Moss, an ex-Googler who worked on Android, reveals that the handset is going “to be friggin’ awesome,” and that it would compete in the “premium tier” range of Android smartphones, where devices are usually priced between $300 to $400.

Moss did not reveal any details about the smartphone, except for saying that the device will actually get better over time. The company is planning on achieving this through various software enhancements. He also says that thanks to Croyle, who was previously one of the key designers at HTC, Nextbit’s smartphone will be different than other devices and noted that metallic smartphones have now gotten stale.

While Nextbit might be a new company, it has a lot of veterans from Google and HTC working for it. Additionally, the startup is backed by Google Ventures, which further adds credence to its potential.

[Via CNet]