Microsoft officially releases Cortana for Android beta


Back in May of this year, Microsoft announced that it would launch its digital personal assistant, Cortana for Android (and iOS), with a tentative launch date of “late June.”

Unfortunately for Android users wanting to test out Cortana, that timeframe was adjusted to “late July,” with Microsoft refusing to actually circle a date on the calendar for the launch. For those willing to try out leaked software, Cortana would find her way out onto the Internet in mid-July, but still, Microsoft was mum on when the official release would happen.

Now, the time has finally arrived. After releasing Cortana for Android for a limited number of testers last month, the official beta release is finally here for anyone to download and try out, as confirmed by The Verge. Users will be able to replace Google Now when pressing and holding the Home button with Cortana if they’d like, which is a nice bonus for Cortana’s integration.

The Cortana for Android works similar to the Windows version, insofar that users will be able to access the digital “notebook” that stores all of the relevant information and likes that Cortana has access to, and make changes as necessary. However, one big difference is that Cortana for Android doesn’t support the “Hey, Cortana” feature that’s present on Windows.


  • Cortana for Android beta — Free

[via The Verge; The Windows Blog]