Developer of one of the best Twitter clients for Android has joined Twitter

Falcon Pro 3 logo

At one point of time, Falcon Pro was considered as the best Twitter client available for Android. The app lost its charm as the development of the app languished since the developer, Joaquim Vergès, grew tired of coming up with workarounds across the various API restrictions placed by Twitter.

Now, Joaquim Vergès, has revealed in a tweet that he will be joining the core Android UI team at Twitter to work on the company’s official Twitter client for the platform.

Unlike its iOS sibling, Twitter for Android has a very poor UX, does not follow the Material Design guidelines, and is just slow to use. Compared to it, there are many third party clients which offer a significantly better experience, including Falcon Pro and Fenix.

The developer, however, clarifies that Falcon Pro will remain with him and he will continue to use the app to experiment with new features “without the slowness of a big company.” Falcon Pro has not really received frequent or major updates over the last few months, so even if updates to the app become less frequent in the future, it should not really bother its users now.

In the end, Joaquim notes that he has grown tired of all the API restrictions imposed by Twitter, and that now he wants to “make a killer official app with full API and a modern UI.”

Joaquim Vergès starts working for Twitter from August 17th.

[Via @Joenrv]