Google unveils its Internet of Things platform, Project Brillo and Weave communication protocol

image Google Brillo

As reports had indicated earlier, Google today announced Project Brillo — the underlying OS for Google’s Internet of Things platform. 

The OS is derived from Android, but just its bare basics. This allows it to have broad silicon support, have minimal system requirements and more.

Google also unveiled Weave — a communication layer that the company will use for IoT devices to talk to each other, smartphones and other devices. The protocol is open source, and Google hopes that other OEMs and platforms adopt it.

Weave will allow developers and OEMs to make their apps and services work across a range of IoT devices without much headache.

All Android devices will be easily able to detect and connect to Project Brillo and Weave compatible devices.

A developer preview of Brillo will be available in Q3, 2015, while one that of Weave will be available in Q4, 2015.

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