Google now lets Play Music users upload 50,000 tracks and stream them for free

Google has increased its Play Music upload limit to 50,000 tracks, allowing users to upload and stream more than double the number of songs they could before, absolutely free.

One of the best things about Play Music is the ability to upload your entire music library to the cloud (so long as it’s under 50,000 songs) and then stream them to your smartphone or tablet without paying a penny.

It’s particularly useful for those with budget smartphones that don’t have a lot of internal storage, because it means they don’t have to store all of their music locally. But it also means you don’t need to sync all of your music to multiple devices.

Until now, the upload limit was 20,000 tracks, but Google has announced it is expanding that to 50,000. It’s still completely free; you just need to sign into the Play Music website using your Google account.

Google’s Play Music apps are available on both Android and iOS, and through Chrome on your desktop, and the company’s Music Manager app for Mac and PC makes it incredibly easy to upload your entire iTunes library and music folders.

If you aren’t already taking advantage of this feature, we highly recommend it.

[via Pocket-lint]