Developer gets Android Wear to work with iPhone [Updated]

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One of the disadvantages of Android Wear is that the OS is only compatible with devices running Android 4.3 or higher, and is incompatible with an iPhone or iPad.

Looking at how the OS relies of some of the APIs in Android 4.3+, it is pretty much clear that until and unless Apple provides similar APIs in iOS, it will not be possible to use an Android Wear running smartwatch with an iPhone.

However, it looks like developer MohammadAG – popular for some of his Xposed modules — has managed to get Android Wear to work with an iPhone. A short video posted by him on YouTube shows a notification for an incoming message on his iPhone 6 popping up on his Moto 360.

The developer has not yet provided any more details on how he managed to get Android Wear to work with an iPhone, but it is evident from the video that the method requires a jailbroken iPhone to work.

While this news will not send iPhone owners flocking to buy an Android Wear powered smartwatch, I presume it will still come in handy for some people out there.

Update: As informed by the developer in the comments, a jailbroken iPhone is not required. Additionally, he has also revealed that he made use of Apple Notification Center Service (ANSC) APIs to get his Moto 360 to work with an iPhone. This is similar to how Pebble is able to get its watch to work with the iPhone.

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  • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

    It doesn’t require a jailbroken iPhone actually, jailbroken iPhones are just my preference 🙂

    • Edward R.

      How did you make it work? Was it hard?

      • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

        Same way the Pebble does it. It uses Apple’s official APIs. Bluetooth LE took some time to get familiar with, and it’s not exactly the most stable API on Android.

        • mobilemann

          Please let me know if you need a null rom testers for the gear 1. I would love to, and tweeted you. (jessed)

  • Jimmy G.

    pushbullet using an android device in between

    • Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

      This isn’t that if you’re implying it is. It’s a direct connection, the goal is to only carry an iPhone and an Android Wear smartwatch.

      • Brandon Smith

        Do you have an word on release? I’ve been dying to use my Moto 360 with my 6+! Thanks, man!!

  • Rohit

    Great work by Mohammad 🙂

  • JomanJi

    Nice work! I guess you made an app using the APIs already available on iOS for accessories, and pushed notifications through there?

  • Sam

    would this mean only notifications work? or would, for example, the heat rate monitor work with apple’s health app (or even a third party health app)?

  • Rick

    Would it work in gear 1??

  • KArl

    Great work…please release so we can testate for you…before Google wises up and releases it themselves. Thanks for the hard work.