Leaked HTC One M9 pictures were of a decoy unit


The HTC One M9 has already leaked in abundance of photos from various sources and its final specs are all but known at this point. However, it looks like after years of its flagship handsets leaking out weeks before their official releases, HTC has become smarter and wiser.

According to sources of HTC Source, the leaked images of the One M9 are decoy units that have been given by HTC to testers. The real design of the handset is still under the wraps and is yet to leak into the wild. The source states that the One M9 will feature an edge-to-edge front glass with cut outs for the BoomSound speakers on the top and bottom.

The front camera of the One M9 will take design cues from the Desire EYE with the lens being located right in the center at the top.

Many folks, including me, were disappointed with the One M9 leaks since the device looked exactly like its predecessor and had that dreaded bezel at the bottom. However, it looks like after years of its devices leaking out weeks before their launch, HTC has upped its game this time around. The company had used similar tactics when it launched the original HTC One M7 in 2013, where it sent out prototype units of the phone in a plastic casing. While the final design of the phone did leak before its official launch, the surprise element surrounding the device lasted a few weeks longer, which ultimately helped in sustaining the hype it.

MWC 2015 cannot come soon enough!

[Via HTC Source]