HTC One M9 will not feature a huge black bar on the bottom like its predecessors

HTC One M9 Launch Event - March 1

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the leaked photos of the HTC One M9 were of a decoy unit and the final design of the handset will be significantly different. Today, the folks over at HTC Source are back with more details about the design of the upcoming flagship from HTC.

The source claims that the One M9 will not come with the dreaded black bar at the bottom, which houses the HTC logo on the One M7 and the One M8. Instead, the bezels on the top and the bottom of the device have been extended in size to make space for the BoomSound speakers. The HTC logo has been pushed further down the device and is now located above the panel of the bottom speaker.

The speakers are covered by the edge-to-edge display with only cutouts being present on the top and bottom edges for the sound from the BoomSound speakers to escape. The cutouts span nearly 50% of the bottom and top edges of the device with a 45 degree cut — reminiscent of the BoomSound speakers seen on the HTC made Google Nexus 9.

HTC has long been criticized for the bottom black bar on the One M7 and One M8 as it unnecessarily increased the height of the phone, even though it was needed from a technical viewpoint. Now, it looks like the Taiwanese OEM has found a better way to incorporate its BoomSound speakers whilst eliminating the ugly bottom bar.

HTC is scheduled to unveil the One M9 on March 1st at MWC in Barcelona, Spain.

[Via HTC Source]

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