Evan ‘@evleaks’ Blass announces his retirement from leaking devices [Updated]


In a very surprising move, one of the most prolific leaker in the world of smartphones — @evleaks — has announced his retirement after nearly two years of running the popular account on Twitter.

The person behind @evleaks is Evan Blass, who had earlier written for websites like Engadget and Pocketnow. The exact reason behind Evan’s retirement is not yet known.

Over the course of two years, @evleaks has leaked many handsets and devices days and sometimes weeks before their official unveiling. This includes the Nexus 5, the Moto X, the LG G2, the HTC One M8, M7 and more.

There is absolutely no doubt that the work of @evleaks will be missed by all his 177k+ followers and tech blogs on the Internet. While it is sad to see Evan “evleaks” retire, we wish him success for all his future projects.

Update: In an interview with The Next Web, Evan explained that the primary reason behind his retirement is money. According to him, monetizing “a stream of Twitter leaks” is not easy and leads to an “unsustainable living.”

Evan also suffers from multiple sclerosis, so preparing himself financially for the future is his primary concern. Hopefully, Evan’s new career will provide him with some financial stability and allow him to better prepare for the future.