Motorola sold 1 million smartphones in India in 5 months


Earlier this year, Motorola re-launched its operation in India with the release of the dual-SIM Moto G, which it sold exclusively through Flipkart in India. The company then followed it up with the launch of the Moto E as well as the Moto X and again sold them exclusively via Flipkart.

The company’s strategy seems to be working as it has managed to sell a whopping 1 million units of all the three¬†handsets combined in India within five¬†months of its re-launch.

Thanks to its phenomenal performance, the company is now ranked among the top 5 mobile brands in India.

Magnus Ahlqvist, corporate VP, Emea & Apac, Motorola Mobility, who was in Bangalore, said the company’s performance was nothing but phenomenal. “It proves that the business model that we chose was a really strong one. I don’t think we have achieved anything similar elsewhere,” he said.

Motorola does not plan on changing its strategy anytime soon and will continue selling its devices exclusively via Flipkart for the foreseeable future.

By selling its devices only via an e-retailer, Motorola managed to keep its cost of operation and logistics down, which in turn allowed it to offer its devices at stellar prices.

Looking at the success of the Motorola-Flipkart partnership, many other Indian OEMs have also taken a similar approach of selling their smartphones and tablets exclusively through them.

[Via Times Of India]

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