Motorola launches Moto G with LTE

Moto G

Motorola had a very capable handset in the form of the Moto G, which eventually became its highest selling smartphone. The company has now made it even better with the inclusion of an LTE chip inside, which will be of particular interest to U.S., Europe and Asian markets.

The handset has been priced at £149 ($251) in the UK, so it’s not quite as cheap as the standard HSPA only Moto G, but still not expensive compared to competitive offerings. Does the addition of an LTE chip warrant the $50 increase in price? Customers will be the judge of that and we don’t think this variant will be launched globally as LTE markets are very limited right now. This particular variant appears to be available only in an 8GB configuration, with a micro SD slot, which is another added benefit.

The handset has already gone up for pre-order on Amazon in the U.S. for $219, which is a lot cheaper than the UK version. We expect the LTE Moto G to be widely available in the coming days as more retailers get hold of the smartphone in launch markets. What do you think of an LTE capable Moto G?

[Via The Verge]

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