Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance put to test

Galaxy S5 Water Test

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was recently revealed to be very durable thanks to a series of cringeworthy drop tests that proved its mettle. And now, the same people who conducted the popular drop test decided to check out the smartphone’s water resistance as well and the results are fairly impressive.

The first test included the smartphone being submerged 1 meter deep in water for over 5 minutes, resulting in absolutely no water damage whatsoever. The second test however, also known as the washing machine test, took a lot out of the Galaxy S5 but did no harm either.

The smartphone went blank after the first ten minutes of the washer test. Beyond that however, it was fairly functional with no display damage either, which is surprising considering that it was being tossed around for a good fifty minutes.

These tests conclude that Samsung was taking durability quite seriously with their new flagship. In real life, it’s very unlikely that you would keep the S5 submerged in water for a long time or even throw it in the washer along with your jeans, but it’s good to know that the handset is ready for any eventuality.

[YouTube via Android and Me]

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