HTC’s head of design is leaving the company


HTC products have always been known for their stellar design and build quality. The company had acquired Once & Co. design studio back in 2008, which has played a major role in designing its devices since then.

Now, the man behind some iconic designs from HTC including the One (M7 and M8) — Scott Croyle — is leaving the company.¬†

Croyle is leaving the company to dedicate more time to his own projects. HTC has confirmed¬†this news to The Verge though it does state that this a “long-term transition” with Croyle remaining as a consultant to HTC’s product development team for the next few months.

“HTC remains at the forefront of smartphone innovation. Scott Croyle will be focusing on special projects and dedicated on next generation developments.”

All of Croyle responsibilities will be taken over by his second-in-command, Jonah Becker, and will also be leading the company’s San Francisco design studio. In another related move, the company promoted Drew Bamford from the head of the Sense user experience division to lead all of HTC’s software and services.

Thanks to some high profile executives leaving the company over the last one year, HTC has been trying to re-shuffle and consolidate its internal structure.

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