Samsung expecting the Galaxy S5 to outsell the S4, Tizen phones coming by June

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been off to a good start with great demand seen across the globe. A company executive has now mentioned to Reuters that they’re expecting the smartphone to significantly outsell the Galaxy S4 from last year. This is no surprise for a newly launched flagship smartphone, but with the amount of competition Samsung is facing this year, it might be tougher than expected.

The Senior VP of Samsung’s product strategy team Hankil Yoon said that the company wasn’t looking to bring in too many hardware changes with the Galaxy S5. He mentioned that the prime focus was on the software and features that the “user really needs”. The Galaxy S5 is expected to sell in excess of 5 million units according to an analyst sales estimate from yesterday.

The company also shared details on its upcoming Tizen smartphone, which will reportedly break cover by the end of June. As expected, Samsung is expected to focus mainly on Android with Tizen and Windows Phone being targeted towards niche markets.

So it’s clear that the Korean manufacturer isn’t going to ditch Android anytime soon, which is logical since Android has given Samsung all the success it has today in the mobile industry.

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