Amazon’s first smartphone prototype images leaked; To feature 3D effects and 4.7-inch display

Rumors of Amazon working on its own smartphone have been floating around the Internet for quite a few years now but the company has only released a bunch of Fire branded Android running tablets and much more recently, the Fire TV. Now, it looks like the online shopping giant is finally close to revealing its first smartphone to the public this year as per this leak from BGR.

According to the leak, Amazon’s first smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and sport 2GB of RAM. The handset will carry a much more manageable 4.7-inch display on the front with a relatively low 720p resolution, in a bid to increase power efficiency and battery life. The leaked images show off a prototype version of the phone enclosed in a case to protect its final design from prying eyes.

The back of the phone will sport a 13MP camera with another one being present in the front. Interestingly, there will be four other low-power infrared cameras on the four sides of the handset to provide 3D effects in the software and display.

Apparently, these cameras will allow the phone to track the user’s position and then adjust the on-screen content accordingly to deliver additional depth and a better reading experience. Amazon’s pre-loaded software will also take advantage of the company’s 3D effects including the wallpapers on the lockscreen.

While there is no clear release date, Amazon is expected to announce its first smartphone sometime within the next two to three months. The launch of this handset will be followed by a secondary, lower-costing smartphone that will be released either at the very end of this year or early next year.