DisplayMate crowns Galaxy S5’s AMOLED panel as the best smartphone display


On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a slightly larger 5.1-inch 1080p Super AMOLED panel compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. However, as per the tests from the folks over at DisplayMate, the Super AMOLED panel on Samsung’s latest flagship is a major step up in every possible way which led the site to crown it as the best mobile display on the market currently. 

According to DisplayMate’s shoot-out, the Galaxy S5 AMOLED panel is a whopping 22% brighter than that of the Galaxy S4 and 13% over the Note 3. Even impressive is the fact that under direct sunlight and automatic brightness turned on, the Galaxy S5 display can reach a maximum brightness of 698 nits, which is the highest brightness ever recorded by DisplayMate. The panel can also reduce its brightness to as low as 2 nits using the brightness slider, which should reduce the strain on the users eyes in dark conditions.

Another impressive feat for the AMOLED panel on the S5 is its color accuracy. AMOLED panels have always been criticized for their poor color reproduction but according to DisplayMate’s testing, the Galaxy S5 display has the best color accuracy when using the Cinema mode.

Below is the conclusion that DisplayMate arrived at after testing the display on the Galaxy S5:

Based on our extensive Lab tests and measurements, the Galaxy S5 is the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested. It has a long list of new records for best Smartphone display performance including: Highest Brightness, Lowest Reflectance, Highest Color Accuracy, Infinite Contrast Ratio, Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light, and smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle. The Galaxy S5 has raised the bar for top display performance up by another notch – an impressive achievement for OLED technology!

Even after all these improvements, the AMOLED panel on the S5 is much more efficient than the one found on the S4. It is able to provide 22% more brightness while consuming the same power as the Galaxy S4. Overall, the display is 27% more power efficient over the S4.

Make sure to head over to Display Mate’s website for the full details on the tests performed and an in-depth analysis of the Galaxy S5’s AMOLED display.