Samsung Unpacked trailer confirms Galaxy S5 announcement for MWC, puts an emphasis on Selfies


Much has been speculated about the announcement date of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5, with many debating whether or not we will see the company’s flagship at their Unpacked event next week at MWC or later in the year at a different event. However, a new trailer released by Samsung’s official site confirms that “The Next Galaxy” will be the star of the show.

The video is a series of photos overlaid with different words with a number “5” exponent. From what we can glean, there seems to be confirmation to the waterproof rumors with “wet5”, the kid mode with “dad5” and “family5”, and there might be hints at an all improved camera and processor with “focus5” and “speed5”. 

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be any clue for the much-hyped fingerprint functionality. The video, however, ignites new questions with its “selfie5”. Will the Galaxy S5 have a high-resolution front camera? Has the selfie caught on so much that Samsung decided to put an emphasis on it?

You can watch the Unpacked trailer below and let us know what else you can guess from it.

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