Samsung Unpacked trailer confirms Galaxy S5 announcement for MWC, puts an emphasis on Selfies


Much has been speculated about the announcement date of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5, with many debating whether or not we will see the company’s flagship at their Unpacked event next week at MWC or later in the year at a different event. However, a new trailer released by Samsung’s official site confirms that “The Next Galaxy” will be the star of the show.

The video is a series of photos overlaid with different words with a number “5” exponent. From what we can glean, there seems to be confirmation to the waterproof rumors with “wet5”, the kid mode with “dad5” and “family5”, and there might be hints at an all improved camera and processor with “focus5” and “speed5”. 

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be any clue for the much-hyped fingerprint functionality. The video, however, ignites new questions with its “selfie5”. Will the Galaxy S5 have a high-resolution front camera? Has the selfie caught on so much that Samsung decided to put an emphasis on it?

You can watch the Unpacked trailer below and let us know what else you can guess from it.

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  • pauldrew18

    Better camera and better processor are already expected.. they might put a 5megs front facing camera on the S5.. The whole video made me felt that the S5 would be an “Active” phone, like the S4 Active.. Only, there won’t be an S5 Active, just S5 with all those waterproofing and “active-ness” already put together.. I can’t wait for it to be announced 🙂

    • Russell Higham

      I think you’re absolutely right. My bet would be water-proofing and inbuilt ‘resilience’ for an outdoors lifestyle, plus uprated front camera for better ‘selfies’. I hope there’s a metallic option; the only thing which degrades the current Galaxy S range, iMO, is the slightly cheap-looking plastic finish on the back. I’m quite a fan of the faux-leather intro’d on the Note 3 and I hope that gets implemented elsewhere throughout Samsung’s range

      • pauldrew18

        I totally agree with you. I think Samsung nailed it with the faux leather; it doesn’t look and feel as cheap as the glossy Note 2 or S4. It would be interesting to see a metallic Samsung phone that’s waterproof, like Sony’s Z1/S 🙂

      • I was starting to get bored of those S5 rumors, but this has me interested again. I’ve been wanting a waterproof device for a while now, but only Sony seems to be actively working on that (the S4 Active was a one-off proposition by Samsung). I’m also intrigued to see if Samsung does anything about the hardware design and the software design. I have an LG G2 now, and I find myself loving the exterior of the phone, despite it being plastic, as well LG’s UI a lot more than TouchWiz. Not sure why, but those pesky teal with light green notification shortcuts completely ruin the experience for me on Samsung.

  • Gautam

    One of the clips in the teaser video also seems to suggest that GS5’s camera will allow you to shoot slow-motion videos.

  • Wossuup

    Slow-mo video capture by the looks of that video. And I think I may go with Samsung “from ip5” from now on