Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner built into home button after all?

fingerprint-scannerHardly anything is certain apropos of Samsung’s impending Galaxy S5, with only six days left until the big unveil, and the latest piece of gossip also debunks previous reports to keep the waters as muddy as possible. It’s as if so-called tipsters and insiders are trying to confuse us and preserve the mystery.

This time, the controversy revolves around the alleged use of fingerprint recognition technology on Samsung’s “next big thing”. Everyone seems to agree the actual feature will be found on the S5, but the implementation is the question mark.

First, sources claimed the entire screen should be able to recognize fingerprints, then just parts of it, and now it appears you’ll have to actually swipe the home button to get the thing to work. Sounds familiar? Well, yes and no, as Apple fitted the technology underneath iPhone 5S’ home key too, but in a slightly different manner.

Namely, it looks like Samsung’s method may be a little more secure, advanced, though sadly also a tad irksome. How exactly is it irksome? For one thing, it requires a full swipe of your finger, from base to tip. Furthermore, the sensor is sensitive to moisture, meaning sweat is prohibited around the Galaxy S5.

On the bright side, rumor has it users will be allowed to register up to eight prints, each entrusted with particular responsibilities. Security-wise, another intriguing new perk is the adding of a Personal Folder and Private Mode in the TouchWiz mix, for the safe locking of your porn personal data.

Back to the fingerprint scanner, it’s funny how we’re now supposed to believe it’ll be embedded in a physical button that reportedly didn’t exist last week. Bottom line, it’s better to just be skeptical about everything.

Via [Sam Mobile]