Samsung’s ‘Context’ will collect and share your typing history, app usage and other data with apps


If reports from The Information are to be believed, it looks like Samsung is soon going to allow developers access to the pool of data about what a user does on his phone. The Korean company has been working on a new service, dubbed Context, that would collect data about what a user types on his phone, the data from various sensors and the apps they use, among other things. 

According to The Information, all the data made available by Context would, for example, allow a video service to automatically display a sports related video, depending on your app usage and search history. However, the service has been delayed because of disagreements within Samsung whether it would actually help the company in selling more smartphones or not.

If the service does go official, expect a huge outcry over the privacy of the end consumer being compromised.

The article also confirms that a meeting between Samsung and Google officials was held sometime in early-Feb to discuss about how far the former can go about with customising Android and release apps or services that compete with Google’s own suite of services. The exact outcome of the meeting is unclear but Google announced its sale of Motorola the very next day.


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