OmniROM Sound Themes allows users to customize system sounds


Android has always been popular for the plethora of customisation features that it offers. The ability to change the UI elements of the phone using different launchers or icon packs is truly refreshing. Taking customisations to the next step is Sound Themes from the OmniROM team.

As the name suggests, Sound Themes are kind of a theme pack for all the system sounds in your Android device. Once a user applies a sound pack, he would be able to change system sounds for camera shutter, video recording, lock/unlock sound, touch sound, dock/undock sound and more.

Below is a quick video of the feature in action -:

Right now, installing a new sound pack is not as easy as icon packs or themes and requires users to manually copy their desired sounds files inside a folder called “SoundPacks” along with an XML file with the relevant mapping information. However, it is just a matter of time before developers come out with pre-packaged Sound Themes that can be installed at the press of a button.

Keep in mind that the Sound Themes feature has not yet made it to OmniROM nightlies but should be available sometime in the coming few weeks.

Via – Google+

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