Bezel-free Samsung Galaxy S5 with fingerprint scanner tipped in Korea

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

There’s been plenty of rumble lately on Samsung Galaxy S5’s purported hardware details, software goodies and innovative new perks, however very few reports have talked design specifics. Well, Seoul newspaper The Korea Herald intends to change that today, suggesting the GS5 will rock a bezel-less exterior.

The idea of a handheld completely free of borders has floated around for a few years now, but mostly due to potential vulnerability woes, they were always viewed as things of a fairly distant future. Also, users saw grip as a possible issue, so all in all, it wasn’t likely 2014 would be the year we got rid of bezels.

And yet Korea Herald’s “industry sources” seem pretty sure the S5 will not only be slimmer than its predecessors, but also more about actual screen real estate. So get ready for a new display-to-body size ratio champion, as LG G2’s 75.7% record may get shattered to pieces in a measly couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, it appears rumors of S5’s fingerprint scanner being embedded in the panel were onto something, though the latest word around the block is just the bottom left and right sides will allow “scan to unlock”. Still sounds sizzling hot, especially as there was no way to integrate the technology in the phone’s home hardware button, as the key is reportedly missing.

One last tidbit before wrapping up, as the Asian publication claims Sammy’s next big thing is to tout increased display sensitivity for easy use with gloves on. Remember though, nothing’s certain until Samsung says it’s certain, so you know the drill. Salt shaker nearby, handle with care.