5 Must-have extensions for Muzei Live Wallpaper


Last week, Roman Nurik released a very simple and elegant looking live wallpaper app — Muzei — on the Play Store. The app changes the wallpaper of your Android device daily with some artistic images curated by Roman and his fiancé. In typical Roman style, Muzei also has an API allowing developers to plug-in their own wallpaper source to the app. 

In just a few days, the Play Store has been flooded with some excellent extensions for Muzei, providing access to multiple other beautiful wallpaper sources. Below,  in no particular order, we list down five must-have extensions for Muzei:

500px for Muzei

As the name suggests, this extension allows you to use 500px as a wallpaper source in Muzei. It provides access to 4 different sources, 28 different categories and 4 refresh intervals. Definitely a must-have if you love browsing through the images on 500px.

500px extension for Muzei
500px extension for Muzei

Download: 500px for Muzei

National Geographic Muzei

Sets your wallpaper to the National Geographic picture of the day and cycles between them. My personal favorite!

Download: National Geographic Muzei

Cast For Muzei

Uses the same wallpaper source as the one used by Google in Chromecast. It changes the wallpaper automatically, whenever the source updates itself.

Download: Cast for Muzei

Flickr for Muzei

Allows you to set Flickr as a wallpaper source and includes the ability to set wallpapers for only the searched terms. It also lets you refresh the background image only when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network to save mobile data.


Download: Flickr for Muzei

APOD extension for Muzei

Sets the NASA’s Astronomy picture of the day as your wallpaper, which looks absolutely stunning especially with the blur effect that Muzei provides.

Download: APOD extension for Muzei

Which is your favorite extension for Muzei? Or are you using a different live wallpaper app? Drop in a commet and do let us know!

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