Motorola drops the price on the Moto X, now $399 off contract


moto-x-stockMotorola is kicking off 2014 with a bang by slashing the price on its flagship Moto X phone. The company announced today in a blog post that it has reduced the price on the Moto X to $399, permanently.The news comes from Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Product Management. He points to the company’s popular CyberMonday sale as evidence that customers want premium smartphones, but don’t want a contract or the lofty price tag that goes along with these high-end handset. Customers who want to save cash can now grab a Moto X for under $400 and pair it with an affordable monthly plan or prepaid plan at any major US carrier.

This deal applies to any Moto X, even custom ones. The only exception is the new Bamboo-backed option, which adds $100 to the base price of the phone. Motorola is also offering to finance a phone purchase for those who preferto pay over time.

Anyone going to grab a Moto X now that it is under $400?

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