HTC One’s successor to come with dual camera sensors & bigger screen, releasing in March


With HTC’s dwindling shares and profit, the company has its hopes relying One’s successor. A few leaks and rumours have suggested that the One’s successor will come with a 5-inch screen and is “set in stone” to come with the same 4MP resolution camera as on the current generation One.

A tip to Bloomberg from a person with “direct knowledge of the matter” says otherwise, though. According to this person, the One’s successor will have a screen that is at least 5-inches big and will be powered by the latest generation processor from Qualcomm.

Instead of coming out with a new design, HTC will tweak the One’s design for its successor. On the camera side. the One’s successor will come with twin sensors on the back for better image quality, focus and depth of field. The handset is scheduled to be released sometime in late March.

While the tip about the display and processor matches with what we have heard previously, the camera tip is completely opposite of what has leaked previously. With such contradicting leaks, it is all but certain that HTC is closing guarding the final spec sheet of the One’s successor to prevent it from leaking before it announces the handset sometime within the next couple of months.