Here’s another look at Samsung’s upcoming UI for their smartphones

Earlier this month, @evleaks posted a couple of screenshots showing off a new UI that Samsung is reportedly planning to use on their upcoming smartphones. The screenshots only served as a sneak peak at best and did not provide much in terms of what’s new, except for the new icons and widgets. 

Today, @evleaks is back with some more images that give us a look into the new home screen UI that Samsung is currently testing. The new image shows off an home screen UI that looks to be based on the Cards style UI from Google and makes use of Google Now cards to deliver all the important information.


It is, however, unclear if the cards in the above images are from Google Now itself since they contain a few cards (Check-in) that are not present in Google Now currently.

Keep in mind that the above images are just in the mock-up phase and the final version might look entirely different. Even if this is a real test build, it is probably very old since it does not follow the correct guidelines from Google (hint: All the icons in the status bar must be white in colour in Android 4.4).

It is all but certain that Samsung is testing this new UI for its upcoming flagship handset — the Galaxy S5. Hopefully, with this new UI, Samsung will be able to match the UI/UX aesthetics of stock Android and HTC’s Sense.

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