Google Calendar bug means meeting invitations are being sent out without your permission

Terence Eden has discovered one doozy of a Google Calendar bug. If you stick an email address in a new calendar entry, as soon as you save that entry, the email address you entered will receive an invite to your event. Terence uses the example of setting a reminder to email his boss for a pay raise. He intended that meeting to happen several months into the future, but as soon as he clicked save, his boss received an email. Even if you tell Google not to email anyone a meeting invite, Google will ignore that and send the email anyway.

What’s Google’s response to this? Apparently they don’t care. This “bug” has been reported as far back as 2010. While I can’t say your world will fall apart because of this issue, at least now you know that you shouldn’t put people’s email address inside your calendar entries. I personally just put a person’s first name and that’s it, so I’ve never encountered this issue.

Should Google at least offer an option to disable auto-emailing from taking place? While it would be nice, again, I wouldn’t classify this as be a major issue. Terrence discovered the “problem” because of the way he uses Google Calendar. I never saw the “problem” because I use Google Calendar differently. Solution: Don’t use Google Calendar the way Terrence uses Google Calendar and all will be well.