Google now allows any Google+ user to send you an email via Gmail


Google is flicking the switch on a new Google + feature that’ll send a shiver down your spine, especially if you are the private type that likes to keep your friends close and everyone else at arm’s length. An new Google+ and Gmail feature, that is turned on by default, allows you to receive an email from any Google + user, even if they do not have your gmail address in their contact list.

They feature is as creepy as it sounds. The default setting allows anyone on Google+ to send you an email through Gmail. Now you can fire up gmail and send an email to a Google+ user, no address needed. Your email is hidden and so is theirs, but the communication lines are still open.


It’s meant to make connecting with people easier, especially when they use both Gmail and Google+. And you can picture the most useful scenario — you meet a new business contact and you have their name, but not their email address. Can you also picture the most nefarious?