Video ads to land in your Facebook feed later this week


Be prepared for an onslaught of noise and distraction in your Facebook feed as video ads are coming and they are coming soon. As soon as this week, claims a report in the Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ, Facebook will announce its new video ads on Tuesday and will roll them out to users starting on Thursday. One of the first ads will be for the upcoming film, Divergent, from Lions Gate Entertainment. Not just a trailer, the promotion was made specifically for Facebook as a video ad. There’s no escaping the ads as sources familiar with the matter said the videos will play back automatically and there is no way to turn them off. They also will appear on the web and on smartphones.

Facebook was expected to debut video ads earlier this year, but the company has been waiting while it tests the waters of public sentiment. It also has been preparing its infrastructure to handle the playback of video ads to the millions of people who use Facebook every day. Most recently, the social network enabled auto-play videos in a user’s feed, preparing them for the day when videos posted by a friend are supplemented with a video ad.

So what you do you think of video ads in your Facebook feed?

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  • misternobg

    They show with this move their greed for money. Automatic played video ads what a crap! If you want more money bring subscription for whole year but I don’t want to see any kind of ads nor video nor images nor stupid games!