South Korean court refuses to help Samsung get the iPhone and iPad banned

Samsung took Apple to court in its home country of South Korea over some mobile patents in an attempt to get the iPhone and iPad banned. According to Reuters, the judge presiding over the case told Samsung to stop being such a pain in the ass, and that Apple can continue selling their products. None of this should be surprising, of course, products rarely get taken off store shelves. You as a company have to try really hard to screw up to such a degree that a court tells you to cease commerce.

Are Apple and Samsung going to go to court again? Absolutely. Remember that high profile case in the United States that Samsung lost and was forced to pay Apple something like $1 billion? That cases only covered Samsung’s Gingerbread-era devices. There’s going to be a brand new case that’ll focus on the company’s newer hardware. It’s scheduled to take place in March 2014.

Why can’t these two just cut the crap? Part of it is pride. This all started, after all, because Steve Jobs felt betrayed by Google entering the smartphone market with Android. Part of it is also technology related. Samsung may have invented a lot of the hardware that makes, but Apple patented a lot of the software that makes the hardware usable. You can see why that’d cause a bit of trouble.

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