Samsung working on 20 megapixel camera sensors, they might end up in phones in 2014

According to the Korean website ETNews, Samsung is having issues producing camera modules with optical image stabilization in sufficient quantities. That’s going to make them look bad next year when everyone else has optical image stabilization while Samsung does not. So what’s the solution? More megapixels.

You and I both know that having a camera with a higher megapixel count doesn’t translate into better photos, but most people don’t, which is why you can expect to see Samsung smartphones coming out in the second half of 2014 with this new 20 megapixel sensor that’s currently in development. It’s unclear whether or not this new sensor uses Samsung’s ISOCELL technology, but then again we don’t know if ISOCELL is just a gimmick or it actually works. What is ISOCELL? Samsung’s attempt to isolate each of the individual pixels on a camera sensor to reduce noise and color aberrations.

Who actually makes the best smartphone camera today? This is a hard question to answer because there’s more to a camera than image quality. There’s ease of use, time to boot, time between shots, and then the ease of sharing said resulting images. Nokia’s Lumia 1020 is a champion, but it’s slow as molasses, and Windows Phone makes it hard to share to something other than SkyDrive. The iPhone 5s is amazing, but it doesn’t run Android. If I had to tell someone who only cares about camera performance to buy an Android phone, it would honestly be LG’s G2.

That’s got to anger Samsung.

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