Moto Maker tool still offline as Motorola swings and misses with its Cyber Monday sale (Updated)


Motorola had big plans today — it was going to take Cyber Monday by storm with an incredible deal on its Moto X handset. The thundering opening to its handset sales quickly fizzled out when Motorola’s website went down under what was likely a crushing load of eager customers.

Starting at 9AM EST, Motorola started selling its off-contract Moto X handset for a mere $349, allowing people to customize the handset via its online Moto Maker tool. Shortly after sales kicked off, Motorola’s Maker website went belly up, and the company had to suspend sales of its custom handset.

Though customers can buy the GSM and CDMA developer editions for $399, the $349 Moto X models are not available almost a half a day later as the Moto Maker tool is still offline. Details on when it will be up and running again are sparse with Motorola only saying there will be “More to come on our Moto Maker deal.”

Did you try to buy a Moto X today? Were able to snag one before everything came crashing down?

Update: Motorola called it a day and decided to push off its big Moto X sale until Wednesday. The Moto X Moto Maker offer will go live at 12 ET on Wed and a second round of sales is slated again for next Monday. There will be two days of sales and more devices added to the promotion.

[Via The Verge]

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  • Davey Ineloquent

    Been down since 3pm for me, absolutely no ability to make a purchase….