HTC One mini banned in the United Kingdom thanks to Nokia


Earlier this year, Nokia forced HTC to change the HDR microphones that the company was using on its flagship handset – the HTC One. Now, Nokia has won a key ruling, which bans HTC from selling the One mini from December 6th in the U.K. 

Worse? The HTC One is also at the risk of being banned in the United Kingdom, but the judge decided against it because of the considerable financial damage it could cause to an OEM that is already struggling financially. The judge has also given some time to HTC to appeal against this ruling before it decides to ban the One in the United Kingdom as well.

Apart from the sales ban, Bloomberg reports that Nokia is also claiming a financial compensation from HTC for the infringement of this patent.

In its defence, HTC says that the microchips that are infringing Nokia patents are “very small component” that don’t justify a sales ban. HTC will have to suspend the imports of its One mini and One in the United Kingdom until the second hearing comes to a conclusion.

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  • GerardMcEvoy

    Do these companies not bother to get their lawyers to look over the potential for infringements prior to actually putting th edevice together and selling it? Surely this would be more cost effective than having your device completely banned in some market.
    I can’t have sympathy here if it turns out HTC didn’t do their homework.