Google working on a Nexus TV for release next year


Google may be looking to recoup from the Nexus Q disaster with a with a new device that’ll compliment its Chromecast dongle. This new push into the living room will take the form of a set top box dubbed the Nexus TV, says sources close to The Information.Details on the device are sparse, but it’s expected to be a media streaming device that’ll pull content from online sources and deliver it to your HDTV. It’ll be similar to the Chromecast dongle, but in a bigger form factor that could support a variety of services and offer an array of connectivity options currently not available to dongle owners.

The Nexus TV may debut in the first half of 2014, with a Google I/O unveiling a very strong possibility. Any interest in a Nexus TV? Is it a good idea or does it need to be more than just a media streaming device?

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  • UnaClocker

    Wonder what the price point will be, and what the hardware will be? If they can bring this thing out around the $100 mark, like the AppleTV, but give it an App store, unlike the AppleTV, and support bluetooth gamepads, it’d kill the Ouya in it’s tracks, and be a smashing success.