Google search update for Android includes relevant app results


Google announced an update to its mobile search that’ll include apps in the relevant search results. It’s a way of moving search beyond static web pages and into useful, actionable results. It’s also a time saver, allowing you to jump straight to search instead of digging through a bunch of apps.

The new Google Search will scan your apps and their data to find the information that you need. Google uses the example of searching for a movie on your phone. Instead of web pages, the new search feature will pull up even more relevant information by opening the movie listing in the IMDd or Flixster app. Right now this deep dive search only extends to a handful of apps like Wikipedia, IMDb and Flixster, but Google is working to expand this list. Search will also extend to app titles, allowing you to search for a topic like skiing and retrieve a list of skiing-related apps. Each app link will open the app listing in the Google Play Store.

The new search is rolling out on Android through the Google Search app in the Google Play Store. It’ll also hit the Chrome and Android browsers.

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